Upside Down Applique

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Back in early February, I enrolled to take my first online class through Quilt University.  I was thrilled when I came across Quilt U.  I have completed the majority of my Bachelor’s degree via online classes and the learning style is ideal for me – I am given information and guidance, but it’s up to me to teach myself the material (for the most part).  I wasn’t sure how a sewing class online would work out, though.  I was hoping for the best since it’s really hard to find specialty classes locally.  And the classes I did find were running around $60 for 2-3 hours of instruction.

Applique is one of my big interests.  I kind of had a handle on the basics, but there were so many questions and parts to it that I was unsure of, so this is where I started.  It was a 3 week class for $27.  Every Friday at 6 p.m., the week’s lesson is released.  There aren’t any grades or anything, and you do everything at your leisure.  In fact, you could go the entire three weeks without ever having looked at the material and gone through the lesson plans or whatever at the last minute.  In addition to the material, there is a discussion board to interact with the instructor and other students in the class.  This proved to be extremely valuable.  I ended up learning more about other aspects of sewing that have totally boosted my confidence.

About Upside Down Applique: This is similar to Reverse Applique, but all of your sewing is done from the bottom on a stabilizer.  You trace your design onto the stabilizer, then pin a piece of fabric over the top, then cut away the excess fabric.  This comes in really handy for intricate applique that has a lot of pieces and might need precise positioning.  I doubt this makes any sense with my description, so I will come back later and post more pictures to illustrate.

This class introduced me to free motion stitching and quilting.  I wasn’t really familiar with it at all, but it was pretty much necessary in order to sew the fabric on to the stabilizer.  I was really nervous taking this class, thinking maybe I was a wee bit out of my league, but I’m so glad I did.  UDA is like an old friend to me now, and I’m anxious to use it in a real project.  I also got a chance to use organza and tulle for the first time, and I was introduced to specialty threads.  None of these things are overwhelming or intimidating anymore.

Here’s my project I worked on throughout this class.  The colors and prints of the fabrics are probably not what I would’ve selected for an actual project, but most of what I needed was scrap size and I wasn’t going to go out and buy a bunch of fabric for that for a practice project.  This is the project without the finished edges (i.e. no satin stitching, etc.).

And here is the instructor’s example piece.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see the amazing detail.

I’m already enrolled to start another class this week.  It will be a 5 week class, and this one is on realistic portrait quilting.  Again, I’m pretty nervous about it and hoping it’s not out of my league.  The instructor is Marilyn Belford, who is a well-known, award-winning quilter and author.


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My Quilting Nerdom is about to reach new heights…

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