Finished Projects

I figured a good place to start with this blog is to archive the projects I’ve completed.  There aren’t many since I haven’t been quilting very long.  And in recent times I’ve been learning new skills and techniques, but haven’t really applied them to a solid project yet.

The DAR Quilt

My first actual quilt was a quilt I made for my mother-in-law for the Christmas of 2008.  My husband and I had an idea that would combine our efforts into a quilt for her since she is very involved in the Daughters of the American Revolution and several other organizations.  I quilted the top, using simple blocks.  This was long before I knew anything about rotary cutting!  My husband recreated the DAR logo and the one on the other side out of felt and fusible web I believe.  It turned out to be a nice quilt, especially given it was very sentimental for my mother-in-law, but you know how we all feel looking back at our first quilt!




Aaron Patriot Barney Baby Quilt, Nursery Items and Baby Stuff

We decided to custom-design Aaron’s nursery.  This is one of the reasons I learned to sew.  We weren’t happy about having to settle for a nursery theme we only sort-of liked from the usual Babies ‘R Us selection, only to pay hundreds of dollars.  Given Aaron’s middle name is Patriot and we are a very patriotic family, we knew red, white and blue was the only way to go.

Quilt top


Blocks up close


Finished quilt


Aaron’s quilt in the nusery


The items I made for Aaron’s nursery:  curtains, tablecloth, lampshade, chair cover and crib skirt (not shown).


I made several receiving blankets for Aaron’s birth


I made several oversized burp cloths.  Most of them have never been used because Aaron was a projectile vomiter and rarely ever ‘spit up’.  We have always had to carry a stash of cloth diapers instead!



Baby Quilt for Quinn Sophia Olandese

My niece, Quinn, was born a day and a half after Aaron (Aaron was three weeks late, Quinn was three weeks early), on August 9, 2010.  I hated that I bought a kit for it, but I couldn’t pass it up.  I loved the colors and fabrics.  And since my sister never wants to know the sex of her babies before they are born, I had to keep it gender neutral.



Quilt for Regan Olivia Olandese (Roo)

My other niece turned 2 just before her little sister, Quinn, was born.  She was moving into a big girl room, so I made her a big girl quilt.  It turned out to be a bit larger than a full-size quilt.  I hand quilted it also (just stitch in the ditch).

Front of the quilt

Back of the quilt with my custom tag


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